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Charge for capacity, not time
Charging for mobile interconnection according to the bandwidth required by the applicant, whether wholesaler or end user, solves a number of old and recurring problems in setting these rates. Will charging by the minute or megabyte disappear?
Connectivity of Internet networks
Network connectivity occurs in many ways. One is peering, which is usually done under informal agreements between two or more networks. To simplify connectivity, peering points (Internet Exchange Points, or IXP) are created, which trigger efficiencies for the movement of information. Mexico lacks this infrastructure
Media Cross-Ownership in the United States and United Kingdom
For decades, countries around the world have adopted rules limiting or prohibiting the same company from owning two or more different types of media businesses, particularly radio, television broadcast and newspaper. Many countries, including the United States and United Kingdom, have implemented rules to limit media cross-ownership (MCO) in order to advance public interest goals, particularly to promote a diversity of viewpoints, local content and competition.
Bundles and the Industry Structure

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